Women’s Potential Down the Drain?

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Women’s Potential Down the Drain?


Miriam Pastor – Flickr http://eurone.ws/1gSWmmf

Recent Dutch research shows that 75% of Dutch workers are not passionate about their work. Over the years I spoke to many working women who lost their drive because of all kinds of circumstances. A lot of working women seek more appreciation, satisfaction and joy in their work. If this is not the case, doubt strikes.

Remarkably, I see their passion becoming an obstacle in their career. This results in women who choose to work fewer hours or even resign. They try to find the missing challenges and satisfaction elsewhere. This way a lot of female talent goes down the drain. This is very unfortunate because women can make a big difference in this world!

I wanted to know how many womens’ potential is  lost in this way, therefore I started some research. The research is ongoing and I will share the results soon on this platform. If you are a working woman you can still participate here. But also comments on this topic are very welcome. How do you see this? I look forward to your insights.


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