No To Feminism, No To Equality!

Generation Y blogger Abir Bouguerra discusses feminism in the millennial age…

The journey: Life between tomorrow and yesterday

Now what? Now what?

Every time the word “Feminism,” or the word “Equality” –especially if it’s preceded by “gender”– is mentioned in a conversation, people assume the worst: “Here we go, this is never going to end!”, “She’s never going to shut up now!”, “They’re going to start fighting now!”.

It’s funny to even think about it, but before we go into these conversations, let’s define some concepts that I consider ambiguous:

-Feminism: based on different dictionaries’ definitions, this concept highlights the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. even the “Urban” dictionary defines Feminism as “the belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals to men.”

Some even associate ideas like”men-hatred” and  “nudity as a way of expression” (take a look at this link to get a sense of what I mean: to the concept of Feminism.

As a young woman who belongs to…

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