Why Generation Y Kicks Ass: A Rebuttal


I’ve heard it all when it comes to my generation, people born in the years 1985-1995, otherwise known as the Millenials, Generation Y, and my personal favorite, Generation Me.  We’re spoiled.  We’re lazy.  We’re selfish.  We’re entitled.  We’re responsible for the way our society is “the way it is.”  We skip class to watch the Bachelor and we drink too much Moscato and we can only pay attention to things for 5 minutes at a time. Whether it’s having “premarital relations,” texting during meals, or just all but throwing the concept of chivalry out the window, there are plenty of cited examples of the decay of society as we know it, and it’s all our fault.


Look, I get that we have some annoying tendencies.  Every generation has their way of making life a little more miserable for everyone else. But perhaps the most annoying tendency of our generation…

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