We all have two lives (English)

By Barbara Matias

It’s like our life has been split in two.

A life that goes from Monday to Friday, from nine to five. Painted in shades of grey. Rushed. Badly chewed food, poorly seasoned, poor digestion.


Flickr – Vincente Alfonso

A life of “what time is it?” and “I’m already late”.

A life of rainy days and cold feet.  A life of messy hair and an inside-out sweater. A life where there are more “goodbyes” than “hellos”. A life where our voice has lost its power, we can’t even say goodbye.

A life where we die faster than we should.

Then there is the life that happens to us in between.

A life that is born through clicks. There we are extraordinary, one in a million.

In that life, we can speak about the weather, international politics and astrophysics with the same Wikipedian enthusiasm. A life where we always look good in the pictures, where the weather can’t ruin anything.

That life gives us friends from all four corners of the world. Friends that teach us how to prepare their tasty food.

A life where the night becomes day, when we can do everything, see everything, be everything.

In that life we are multicoloured, we are the person that we love most.We search for someone to complete us. Someone who can make our heart melt like the sounds of our favourite music.

Flickr - Mike_Cantwell

Flickr – Mike_Cantwell

We seek for something to fulfil us. The dream job in the dream city, with earnings that can realize any dreams that are yet to come. A life like a rainbow and the incessant search for the pot of gold.

We give more of ourselves to this life we have created online than to our first life.

We have done this because we are allowed to choose, to have an opinion, to go where we want and how far we want.

We’re allowed to be and then erase what we have been in a matter of seconds. Reborn.

Today we all have these two lives. Those who have only one are an endangered species that will either adapt or die. But this will only happen in the first life. Because the second life gives us eternity.

What we were, stays there. Stays in a warehouse of collective memories.


Author: Barbara Matias, aspiring journalist and MA student in Communication Sciences in UTAD, Portugal. 



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