Summer fun for the city kid

Things to do when you just can’t afford a three-week vacation in Hawaii

Does your summer vocabulary mostly consist of the words “bored”, “broke” and “ughh”? Are you desperately searching for things to do once July comes around and your flip flops start melting into the concrete pavements? Well look no further, for you have come to the right place.


Forget those long, hot days spent sprawled out on the couch, popsicle in one hand, mini battery-powered fan in the other, watching reruns of Dawson’s Creek (don’t deny it – we’ve all been there). This article should inspire you to get off the couch and actually do things.

So what if you can’t afford a roundtrip to the Bahamas? There are plenty of things for you to do during summer that do not require a five-figure paycheck.

 Try being a tourist in your own city.

It may sound silly, but there must be some very interesting areas of it that you’ve never seen. Grab a friend and a camera and spend the day discovering new places in your city. It’s cheap, fun, you’ll make great memories… and did I mention it’s cheap?

The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo

The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo

One word: art.

You can look at it, you can listen to it, you can make it, you can even eat it. Think of the many, many, many museums that European countries have to offer. Think independent movie theaters. Concert bars. Outdoor contemporary art shows. Cupcake-decorating home sessions. People playing music and/or dancing in the street. Tie-dye and ceramics. Karaoke. There is quite literally something for everybody. All you have to do is walk out your door and explore.

The André Citroën park in Paris

The André Citroën park in Paris

Fun activities

Many parks and areas of the sort offer fun activities other than just walking around, like boat rides or, in the case of the André Citroën park in Paris, hot air balloon rides to watch the city from 150m up in the air.

Cheap traveling

Now if the mere thought of spending one more precious summer day in your hometown really irks you, there are ways to get out of there for a few days. Buses are usually a cheap and easy alternative to traveling by car within your country. So pack a bag, a tent and some food, get on a bus with a few friends and enjoy a few days of camping out in nature. Just remember to make sure you pick a location where putting up a tent is allowed, and leave the place as clean as you found it!


Try InterRail

And if it’s your entire country that you want to escape for a little while but you don’t want to spend all of the Christmas money you’ve been saving up for the past 8 years, then the best solution for you might be the InterRail-youth hostel combo. An InterRail Pass allows you to travel across Europe for various periods of time at really low prices. Choosing youth hostels over regular hotels will save you some significant money as well, which you can then spend on good food (tapas, anyone?) and culture (concerts. So many concerts.) and souvenirs (who doesn’t love a mini-Eiffel tower keychain?) and more food (currywurst – enough said).

Now get off the couch and start enjoying your summer – it’ll be over before you know it.


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