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Welcome to Generation Y’s blog. Generation Y is the euronews programme about young people for young people.

It’s tricky being young today – in a world that is in constant flux, innovative ideas, creativity, confidence and mobility can be key to helping young people tread a successful path. We check out what’s out there and explore what makes the youth of today tick.

euronews is the European channel in 11 languages. Generation Y – the programme and the web page – is also in 11 languages, while our Facebook page and our Twitter account are mostly in English, in order to reach an international audience.

This blog is meant to treat more local issues, and to be less formal. So each post will be in just one language, not necessarily English. You can filter the posts in your favourite language through the Category menu on the bottom of the page.

Generation Y is all about participating and sharing. So, don’t be shy! Share your thoughts in the comments section of a post, send us feedback and tell us which topics you would like us to talk about.


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